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5 of the most common decorating fears and how to overcome them.


The thing that holds many people back from decorating their homes is fear. Fear of making wrong decisions like choosing the color schemes that don’t work well in the space, fear that their things might end up not looking the way they intended them to look like, fear of things getting too costly, fear of buying the wrong things, that they might not look good together and so on. Fear can cause severe “decorating paralysis.” so instead of getting on with things and starting decorating, you make excuses for why you can’t start your project. And this is quite common in decorating, but the good news is that once you identify your fears around decorating, you’ll most probably be free to move forward.

So now, not all of the things I will mention will apply to you and your lifestyle. Here are 5 of the most common decorating fears that I have noticed and some ideas of how you can get things done and get rid of the fears that are holding you back. See if you can identify your concerns and find ways to tackle them because we all want to create a space we love at the end of the day.

1 Wanting things “perfect.” High expectations. Too high expectations.

Often, we are afraid of making mistakes or making the wrong decisions. Any time you do creative work, mistakes do happen. I tell myself that all the time, and I honestly mean it. But it would be best to give yourself the freedom to try things and make mistakes because that is where true creativity comes alive. Give yourself room to experiment and find out more about yourself and what you want. You are not doing this to impress others. When it comes to decorating your home, remember one crucial thing: it’s your home. You don’t have to please anyone other than the people living in your house. Set out to create a space that satisfies you and your family.

Too much to do at once.

For some people, having to re-decorate their whole house can be pretty overwhelming and feel like an impossible task to tackle. But what you need to do is break the steps down into manageable steps, one room at a time or even one spot at a time. Start with the small, more manageable changes. This will give you small wins and a sense of momentum to inspire you to keep going.

Assuming everything needs to be rebuilt.

Many people get caught up in the thought that their entire house needs to be redone, especially if they’re not happy with how the main rooms of their home look. That’s when you start complaining about everything you see. Suddenly, you feel you need new furniture or walls broken down, new flooring. But a lot of times, that isn’t even necessary. Some rooms need a little jazzing up, that’s all.
You can do several simple things without changing significant elements in your home. Like changing your cushions, adding a throw blanket, hanging a piece of art, hanging curtains, trying a new lampshade, putting down an area rug, and restyling the bookshelves. Add a centerpiece to your table, switch out the light fixtures add some green plants to bring more life to your space. You’ll be amazed by what a difference these minor changes can make.

The feeling that you have to get everything done as quickly as possible

I know. I get that too. Wishing you could call your fairy godmother and have her wave her wand and have it all done right away. No, It takes time. It’s a process. Good things take time. Besides, if you rush things, you miss out on many great discoveries and ideas that only occur while you are in action. So, take it easy– don’t rush yourself—one step at a time. Small steps help you “feel” the mood of your space better. They make you more aware of your decisions, what you like, and how you want your home to feel.

Waiting for the right time.

Trust me; you will always find a reason to put things off if you look hard enough for one. There will always be reasons why now is not the right time. Just try not to put yourself under pressure and feel like you have to do it all right away, all at once. Start small.
Gather ideas and inspiration, prioritize the areas of your home you want to work on the most, and start from there. I also have a great idea to help you let your heart guide you.

I hope I was able to help you and inspire you to free yourself of the blocks preventing you from moving forward with creating the home you love. Let me know in the comments what your biggest fears around decorating are. Maybe I left something out.

We’ll see you next time.

Until then, I wish you an unforgettable time

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