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Hello my dears, my name is Tutu. Born in Sierra Leone, West Africa but spent most of my life in Germany where I still live.I am a wife and mother of three wonderful children (14, 10 and 16).

I like to collect moments: pictures, experiences, encounters, ideas, recipes, tips, tricks and memories of precious times. I can’t wait to share some of them with you.

I owned my own business teaching and looking after children thus had the opportunity to be a mother to many other children, at least for a few hours during the day. I worked with passion and it certainly contributed to making me who I am today.

But I’m not just all about kids. I am also here as a woman and I make sure that I am heard and that I create time and space for myself within the family everyday life. I love to listen to music, sing, write songs and children’s stories, it strengthens me and frees me, even if everything else does not do it that does it.

I love to spend time in the kitchen. Create and try different kinds of recipes.
I also like to go out for dinner. I try all sorts of different dishes, with the aim of finding “the best nutritional plan” for my family and myself. I try to find the natural balance between pleasure and a healthy lifestyle.

I love to decorate my home according to the seasons and holidays throughout the year. I love being organized. I want things in order. My conception of order? Order means to me “Mama can rest!“

I also make my own, cleaning and beauty products, and try to keep them as safe and natural as possible. That is also something I am going to be sharing with you.So check out my blog. I am looking forward to your inspiration and your comments.

You are also welcome to wander around my online shop. The shop is mainly inspired by the African wax-print look. A direction characterized by its vivid colors and the use of wax printed fabrics in modern designs.

The motivation behind this shop comes from the love of the African fabric and the desire to develop everyday accessories that are wearable from it. I offer my customers special, good quality, handmade products crafted in small quantities, with love.

Enjoy reading and shopping!

My tree gonna grow!