“Try” by Tutu Westerhoff

“Try” by Tutu Westerhoff

Tutu Westerhoff
Tutu Westerhoff

Hello my Dears, today is an absolutely special day for me because I’ve finally decided to let you watch a video of me singing one of the songs from my forthcoming Album, “My tree gonna grow”. This particular song “Try” is one of those songs that literally is the ink of my pen spilled onto the blank piece of paper that was lying on the table in front of me day I wrote it. It almost even sounds crazy when I start explaining how it happened. I only had one word to start out with that morning, when I sat down at my desk. Only one word. And the word was “Try”. And within an hour or so the song was done and I loved it. I loved it so much I kept on singing it. I enjoyed singing it to myself whilst working out, whilst cooking and cleaning and running errands, even in the car and soon the kids started singing along with me. It was a new experience that kept me wanting to write more.

Tutu Westerhoff
Tutu Westerhoff

I guess what truly helped me write the song was a conversation that I had with a very good friend the day before during one of our Moms’ breakfast time offs at Ikea. She and I had a wonderful chat on things like achieving one’s goals and doing the things that make you really feel like you are being yourself. We talked about the importance of doing things that keep one content, things that enable you to be the loving soul that you are meant to be. We then went on to discuss why certain wishes and goals don’t even ever get spoken out, and remain buried in our guts for the longest time, leading to all kinds of health conditions. Anyway, after a couple of cups of cappuccino, we ended up with the conclusion that it’s the excuses like “can nots“ “do nots“ and “have nots“ and so on that really slow us down and sometimes stop us from even trying. So here is my advice to you, as the words of the song go

„I know the can nots and the have nots and the do nots can slow you down

Because they slowed me down

Oh yeh they slow you down, but

Try for your mother, try for your father, try for your sons and your daughters,

Try for your lover, try for your neighbors, try for your friends but you really got to try for YOU.“

My dear friends, listen to the song, not just to the music and my voice, but also the words. It is from a live acoustic brunch jam session I had with the wonderful guitarist Leif Beautigam. Much love and thanks go out to him, Baba Omar my producer and Markus Diefenbacher from www.viewofmarquis.com who did the filming.

I hope you like it. If you do, don’t worry there is lots more where that came from, but all in due time. Feel free to like it, share it, and leave a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Tutu ❤️

My tree gonna grow!



12 thoughts on ““Try” by Tutu Westerhoff

  1. Sis I just love this so much. I played it to my little girls and my 7 year old got it…she said aunty Tutu is singing ginger about having ” will and determination” for myself. This is so inspirational I’m going to ayat it for my students before they go off on study leave before their exams! Keep them coming. XxZainab

  2. …….and I’m going to keep TRYING for ME!!! THANKS for the inspiration Tutu. Beautiful song that speaks to each and everyone of us. To TRY and FAIL is indeed no disgrace. May YOUR Tree NEVER stops growing.❤❤

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