My Tree Gonna Grow Limited Edition Reusable CD Bag!

My Tree Gonna Grow Limited Edition Reusable CD Bag!

Hallo my dear friends, I don’t know if you have heard or seen anything about the idea I came up with when it came time to decide on the packaging of my album „MyTreeGonna Grow“. Well if not let me tell you now. One thing I knew from the start was that I wanted it to be something different, very personal and special. I came up with the idea whilst I was in the process of planning the products for my MomentosBox online shop. The products in the shop are pre merely handmade accessories for home, office, women and children in wich I incorporate high quality African fabric to create practical and useful Items that make life not only beautiful but also easier for us ladies. Check it out if you find time. So I figured it would be nice to design some kind of packaging that goes well with my other MomentosBox products. Not just an ordinary CD package that you dump in the bin, but something that can be reused.

However for me personally, the greatest thing about these bags is that they are a mother and child project. My mom and I worked on them together, although she was in Africa at the time and I in Germany, we made the project work. I designed the bag, and purchased the inner lining fabric here in Germany. My mother then went to the market in Sierra Leone in search of fabric for the shell of the bags. She sent me pictures of some samples she had found, even though she already had her favorite piece in mind. And guess what? The fabric she liked best was exactly the one out of eight that I chose too. We both knew we liked the fabric, but it wasn’t until we spoke to each other about it on the phone that we figured out why. The print on the fabric! It has Cd’s, musical lines and notes symbols on it and my favorite color blue too! That was when I knew that we had chosen the right fabric out of wich we made a total of 180 little bags (only 180 because we ran out of fabric????) The 180 Bags are going to be a MomentosBox Limited edition offer that comes with the purchased of the album through my Momentosbox shop. Those who don’t want the Bag can purchase the CD without the bag or download it on iTunes or Amazon ➡️

It’s a practical round shaped, reversible drawstring bag that can be used as storage for all kinds of things anywhere in the house. It works great as a vase cover in the living room, a utensil holder in the kitchen or even as a makeup bush container in the bathroom. Weather it’s, cotton buds, notes, pens and pencils, the bag makes a neat and tidy storage. Just place a sturdy pot or vase in the bag, then fill it up with whatever your heart desires.

So if you like the idea and would like to be an owner of one of the only 180 bags with CD, they will be ready as of Friday October 20th. Ge them right here on MomentosBox. Here is the Link➡️ If you get a bag please don’t forget to share pictures of your ways of reusing it with me on Instagram➡️ or ➡️

My tree gonna grow!