Songwriting – I wrote a song called “My Tree Gonna Grow”

Songwriting – I wrote a song called “My Tree Gonna Grow”

Well, “My tree gonna grow“ translated into proper English means, “My tree is going to grow.“

The title of my album and the first song on the album. Those are the words I say to myself to motivate, prepare and guide me when I find myself in a creative mode. They give me strength when struggling with personal things, plans, ideas, dreams or wishes. The purpose of the words is to remind me of how powerful I can be.

They keep me focused on whatever mission I’m preparing to accomplish. They tell me there is no need to hold back, that I shouldn’t be afraid to face my fears, that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The words give me hope, and show me I am a creator, and that if I nurture and give love to my tree, whatever that tree may be, it’s going to grow. The words give femininity its rightful praise in my opinion, a strong feeling of womanhood that lets me know that I am a creator.

My tree can be anything, anything I set my mind up for it to be. Anything I want to create, to build, to set up, or give birth to, anything I want to celebrate. Anything I want to nurture, guide, love, protect, support and be there for until it bares its own sweet fruit.

Sure, we all go through a lot at times, we get tested, get thrown out of track, experience periods of hardship where we loose faith, loose hope and even loose the concept of what we really want in life.

And I strongly believe that having your own personal motivating words help you to focus on your mission. It gives you the strength to rise to the level you wish to reach. I decided to choose words that help me stay more connected to mother nature.

Words that describe something small that eventually becomes something large when it receives the care love and attention that it requires. A seed that will one day become a tree. My family, my home and my company „my tree gonna grow“ are my seeds. And they are all growing to be wonderful trees.

My dear friends, please don’t misunderstand me, I am not comparing these words to any religious words or lines we use in special times of prayer.

They should not in any way be compared to the ones I am talking of now. What I mean are the words that help you bring out the best in you. Maybe some of you have similar things you do to motivate yourself in times of creativity.

Some people may think of their favorite artist or loved ones. For others it could be a special song or a charm. What do you do when you need an extra push?

Have a listen to the song:

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My tree gonna grow!