Songwriting – I wrote a song called “I Should Have Married Me”

Songwriting – I wrote a song called “I Should Have Married Me”


I wrote a song called “I Should Have Married Me” song nr. 15 on my album “My Tree Gonna Grow”.

This song was inspired by a Tedx talk I saw a few years ago with the title „The person you need to marry.“ A very witty talk but life changing talk.

The idea behind the whole talk is to get us to understand that we should  build the kind of relationship we expect our partner to have with us, with ourselves first, before we even think about getting married.

Basically you have known yourself all your life so you know best what makes you happy. So if you do know what makes you happy then give it to yourself. Thats a way to avoid the disappointments you get when someone you probably only just met half way through your life who does not quite understand how to keep you happy or maybe does not even see the need to be the one to keep you happy. In other words you need to be loving and kind to yourself.

We all know that life is not a fairy tale. In order to have a successful marriage, both the husband and the wife have to do their part. They need to know how to work out their differences and embrace their similarities.

We think that marriage is the destination but in actual fact it is the continuation of our life journey full of sorrows and joy, success and failure, health and sickness ups and downs. So we should be open for all these phases.

A happy marriage is about two whole and willing individuals. We don’t all of a sudden become one after marriage. Each partner is a full person, not a half human. Look deep into your soul, get to know yourself and don’t expect someone else to be your other half, because you are whole.

Marry yourself first, learn to love yourself first before you ask someone else to love you

So? What do you think? Does this idea make any sence to you at all????? leave a comment.

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