Songwriting – I wrote a song called “Don’t Fall”

Songwriting – I wrote a song called “Don’t Fall”

Don’t Fall is one of the 16 songs on my album „My Tree Gonna Grow“ This is a song about the strong people amongst us. They are the ones that always have an open ear for our problems and give us a shoulder to cry on when things get rough. Sadly we sometimes take them for granted and never really notice when they are going through tough times and needing someone to lean on too.

What we often ignore is the importance of keeping these strong people in our lives strong. Because who the hell is going to take care of us when we just can’t anymore and they are not able to help us out?

I am talking about the type of people who when they go through troubled times themselves, it is without showing us that they need us, but at the same time they are always there healing our wounds and showing support. It is so easy to get comfortable having them in our lives that we forget to return the support.

The song “Don’t Fall” is about NOT being able to be the strong one any longer, and that it’s ok to have a weak moment. Tag a strong person if you know one and let them know you have their back.????????????

Here are some links if you are interested in listening to „Don’t Fall“ and other songs on my album.

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